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This exhibition took place from 23.10.2019 to 13.03.2020.

“This is not an exhibition. And you are not just a visitor.” This is how you were welcomed at the ING Art Center. With Love. Hate. Debate. we invited you to think about the special relationship that you can have with a work of art. A relationship that goes beyond first impressions and results in a conversation with the art piece, with yourself and with the world.

The Love. Hate. Debate. Start a Conversation with the ING Collection expo introduced the general public for the first time to the ING collection, which was one of the very first corporate collections almost 60 years ago. The collection has remained true to the pioneering and innovative spirit of founder Baron Lambert.

Find all the contents of the exhibition here ! 


Pia Fries, Untitled, 2000, The ING Collection © SABAM, Belgium, 2019. Courtesy Galerie Mai 36 © Photo Vincent Everarts

Anna Lea Hucht, Untitled, 2007, The ING Collection.  Rights reserved, Courtesy Meyer Riegger Berlin  © Photo Vincent Everarts

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