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15.10.2015 – 14.02.2016


« Pop Art in Belgium ! ». Plunging you into the Pop movement, which took Europe by storm in the sixties and flooded the Belgian art world!


An amazing exhibition that brings together major works from the international stars of Pop Art (Warhol, Lichtenstein, Rosenquist, Wesselmann, etc.) and Belgian artists of the era (Evelyne Axell, Pol Mara, Marcel Broodthaers, Panamarenko, etc.).


A Pop Romance not to be missed!

Guided tours - Fun and educational spaces for the younger ones.


50% discount on the entry as ING customer.

Free entry for children under 12 and students under 26. 


Hope to see you there !

Copyright: Vincent Everarts




60 € for the two pieces




The ING Group and UNICEF have been working together on the central theme of childhood and education since 2000. During the first decade of this partnership, no less than one million children in developing countries have found their way back into education.


In January 2015 we initiated the "Power for Youth" programme, which continues the work of the previous programme. This new programme aims to help young people in six countries, including two in Europe, acquire the skills and knowledge that will allow them to make the best possible choices today for a better future.

ING Belgium, driven by the commitment of its staff, has made a consistent contribution to this global partnership for over ten years.

ING Belgium now releases an artwork created by a young Belgian artist every year, an initiative which is part of the many artistic programmes and exhibitions organised at the ING Art Center.


This annual artwork will be produced in multiples signed by the artist, with 500 of these numbered and sold at the ING Art Center. All proceeds from the sale will be donated to UNICEF in connection with the ING "Power for Youth" programme.

Carlos Perez was the first artist approached by ING. In essence, his work evokes memories of his childhood. He attempts to give a form to the misunderstood pain that characterised his early years, and in the imagination and spontaneity of childhood, he finds an antidote to the sorrows of adulthood. His work is the result of a difficult childhood marked by complex confusion.


Carlos Perez spontaneously imagines figures that he develops by following his inspiration. Soft spheres, triangular ridges, extended wings... Only one feature remains constant: there is no mouth, and just two faint strokes show where the eyes are. Reduced as they are to their essential contours, the creatures of Carlos Perez, restrained and voiceless, display an ageless wisdom.

Perez's figures call to mind the universe of Takashi Murakami and manga, as well as a more ascetic and poetic facet of Japanese art. Each of his sculptures retains its fragility and mystery, whether they are vast in size or small, standing alone or in a group. On occasions he carves directly into the plaster block, and sometimes he creates immense sculptures such as that recently erected in Place Guy D'Arezzo in Brussels.


Tracing the thread of Saint Exupéry's Petit Prince, Carlos Perez has created these little Tchinfoo, which touch us with their kindliness and fragility and inspire in us a profound respect for childhood.


On sale exclusively at the ING Art Center and at



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