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Next - Peter Kogler

This exhibition took place from 23.03 to 19.06.2016


Next is an exhibition realised by Peter Kogler, an internationally renowned Austrian artist who lives and works in Vienna (Austria). The immersive exhibition features a panorama of his extensive work, ranging from earlier to recent creations. It illustrates the ongoing forward momentum of an artist in a process of continual reinvention. For this exhibition, Peter Kogler has created several new art and video works for the ING Art Center and for the ING Marnix building he designed a computer-generated work of art to be displayed on the building’s facade, conceived by Gordon Bunshaft. Visitors will experience this Belgian première as a new type of multimedia exhibition realised by an artist who has fully appropriated the ING Art Center. This will coincide with the 30th anniversary of this key cultural venue in Brussels.






Specially created for Art Brussels, the ING Lounge is a project in the context of next, the immersive exhibition by Peter Kogler at ING Art Center.


Peter Kogler has conceived the lounge as a 3D installation in which visitors are invited to relax and exchange information about the fair. The installation involves the complete environment: the walls and floor of the space, as well as its lightweight inflatable furniture. All are imprinted with the same motif: a network of computer-generated pipes or tubes, a recurrent motif for Kogler and a key element in the modernist repertoire, which is a significant source of inspiration for the artist.


In his nearly 30-year career, Peter Kogler has employed a very reduced artistic vocabulary, including the ant, the brain, the globe, the light bulb and grids. He developed the motif of the tube in different ways, at the Karlsplatz subway station in Vienna in 2012, for example, and at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb in 2014. Whether it is allusion to Fernand Léger or the symbolic use of the tube as a reference to progress, Kogler in any case overwhelms the space as only a Vienna-born artist can ‒ deeply familiar with the Wiener Secession and its concept of the total work of art.


In the ING Lounge, visitors stand or sit in the picture, part of a work that is experienced physically, as if as if they were all part of a ‒ science fiction ‒ film.

Copyright: Sébastien Van de Walle

Peter Kogler humanizes his installation by inviting his Austrian friend Kurt Ryslavy to be part of the show. Each day during Art Brussels, from 4 to 7 pm, Ryslavy presents his performance, Based Less on Profit than on Substance. He offers a glass of wine from his export company, Le vin autrichien/The Austrian Wine, as a way to reveal the mechanisms of the art world. They are not always what we expect, as he has also shown us in his non-fiction work, Factures décoratives.  



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