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There are 1001 reasons to save

What is yours?

Saving for a specific project or just a rainy day? For a comfortable retirement for yourself or a kick-start in life for your kids? Whatever your savings goals, ING is here to help you on your way.

Have any questions about saving? Make an appointment at your ING branch. Our employees will be glad to give you obligation-free advice.

Also for you!

Saving automatically
Choose a fixed or variable amount to save.
Choose how often you transfer money to your savings account.
ING automatically deposits the amount onto your savings account.
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For every goal a savings account
Choose 1 or more accounts, depending on your savings goal.
Let your savings grow at your own pace.
Your savings are always and instantly available.
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Pension savings with ING
25 or 55? it is never too early or late to save for your pension!
Automatically save either large or small amounts.
Get 30% of what you save back in taxes every year.
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3 easy tips to reach your goals

Save for a specific goal
Almost half of everybody in Belgium resolved at the beginning of 2015 to "save more".* A worthy New Year's resolution in itself but sadly not specific enough! Better to set a concrete amount to work towards or a specific goal: like your next holiday or a new kitchen.

* Source: ING International Survey

Save a little at a time
Divide the total amount you want to save into smaller amounts which you can put aside more easily each month. Motivate yourself: put a photo of your savings goal on your pinup board or fridge. And reward yourself when you reach the halfway mark or other major milestone.


Save often
Stick to your guns and save on a regular basis. You will be pleasantly surprised by how quickly you can reach your goals! Just 50 euros per month, for instance, will add up to 600 euros in less than 1 year!


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