ING Corporate Investments is a financial and strategic partner which invests in small and medium size enterprises in Western-Europe and Scandinavia to finance the acquisition of this company and/or to support its growth strategy.

ING Corporate Investments invests in companies able to create value through an outstanding management team, who can implement internal growth or expansion by means of equity-leveraged acquisition.

  • We provide buy-out or buy-in capital to acquire companies with proven profitability. In the case of leveraged buy-outs or buy-ins, we link up with well structured management teams who have both a clear vision and proven talents.
  • We provide expansion capital to companies led by a skilled management team, which are profitable and want to develop through both organic growth as well as a strategy of acquisitions in consolidating markets.
  • We provide venture capital to young companies with a proven technical and commercial credibility. Led by an excellent management team, they focus on international markets and operate in highly innovative sectors such as information technology, telecommunications and innovative services.

ING Corporate Investments provides capital, mainly in the form of equity or financial instruments which ultimately are converted into equity capital, for instance warrants and convertible bonds. In the case of a leveraged buy-out by the management, ING Corporate Investments can act either as the lead investor or as a partner .

Our objective is not to become involved in the company’s day-to-day management, but to participate in its expansion by helping its management who can call on the experience of the ING group at the level of the strategic decisions taken by the Board of Directors. We offer to our portfolio companies the internal network and the strategic support that can be expected of an international bank with presence in 3 continents.

We are patient investors but there is always a pre-agreed expiry to our shareholding, typically between 4 and 6 years, which is the time to realise the company’s strategic business targets. The ING group provides 100 % of our funds and we are totally free to optimise the length of time of our involvement. In this way we are different from closed-end funds. The exit possibilities are an IPO, trade sale, secondary buyout or a sale to existing shareholders.

Our team is put together on the basis of experience and maturity. Our staff – engineers or economists – have acquired expertise in the fields of industry and have in-depth knowledge of the sectors in which they are involved.

Our key investment criteria are:

  • Quality of the management team.
  • Company turnover between 5 and 100 million Euros.
  • Sector : Either companies active in traditional sectors (manufacturing, engineering, logistics, distribution and services) Or companies of a technological nature (information technology, software, telecommunications)
  • Leadership potential in its market.
  • Investment between 2 and 20 million EUR in equity.