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The policy holder is the person who takes out and pays for the insurance in his/her name.

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You must be 18 years or older to take out an insurance policy. If this policy is intended for a minor, you may take out the insurance in your own name as an adult and add the minor as an insured person (for temporary insurance) or choose the "Family" option (for year-round insurance). Click "Update" to change your options.
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The details communicated as part of this simulation or later when an insurance policy is taken out are processed by ING Belgium SA/nv, Avenue Marnix/Marnixlaan 24, 1000 Brussels and/or Inter Partner Assistance SA/nv, Avenue Louise/Louizalaan 166, PB 1, 1000 Brussels, for central customer management, mediation (e.g. regarding insurance policies), account and payment management, asset management (investments), marketing of bank and insurance services (unless the person involved objects to direct marketing on request and free of charge), general customer overview, transaction monitoring and prevention of irregularities and possible credit facilities.
These details are communicated to the other companies in the ING Group within the European Union engaging in banking, insurance or financial activities (list available on request) for central customer management, marketing (excluding advertising by electronic mail and provided that the person involved does not object to direct marketing on request and free of charge), a general customer overview, the provision of their services (where appropriate) and transaction monitoring (including prevention of irregularities).
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For more information, please read the ING Belgium Privacy Charter.

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* "Family" refers to the policy holder, the cohabiting partner or spouse and any unmarried children or family members living at the same address. Unmarried children of the policy holder and partner living at a different address are also insured in most cases. For a full overview, please read the General Terms and Conditions