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Which online banking solution would make your life easier?

Knowing how to manage your banking transactions online is not always obvious.
Answer these 6 questions and you’ll know in 2 minutes which online tool suits you best.


1. What would make your life easier?


2. Out shopping, you come across an offer too good to miss. However, you don't have enough money in your current account. You decide to:


3. How often would you like to access your accounts?


4. You're going abroad in a few days’ time. You want to be sure that your debitcard will be accepted in the country you're going to and that your spending won’t be restricted to a certain limit.


5. Which type of transaction do you carry out most often?


6. You’re out for a meal with friends. When the bill comes, your best friend decides to pay the whole thing and you’ll each pay him back for your share. What do you do?

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