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Good things are worth sharing

Share the Make-a-payment-from-the-sofa app

And get €10 each to share more great moments together

You already know the benefits of mobile banking. So why not share them with those closest to you? Help your friends and family download and install our app by 9 April 2017 and ING will pay you both €10. For a trip to the museum, brunch, a movie or any other excuse to spend quality time together.

Share the benefits of mobile banking!

And earn your rewards in 3 easy steps…

Help them install our app

Introduce family or friends to our app and have them download and install it on their smartphone or tablet.

Have them make a payment

To prove you introduced them, each new user must make a first payment of €0.02 to your account via the app.

Get rewarded

ING will automatically pay €10 to both you and up to 3 new users you introduce.

Help them get started

Show others how easy it is to install our app on their smartphone or tablet with this video.

Frequently asked questions

Who gets the €10 bonus?

ING will invite all eligible users of our app to take part in this special offer via e-mail. Only those users who receive an invitation are eligible to receive the €10 bonus. These users can then introduce up to 3 new users to our app. All new users must be over the age of 12, be existing ING customers but not yet users of ING Smart Banking. The new users must also make a payment of €0.02 to the existing user, as proof they were introduced to the app. This payment must be made at the latest by the end of the offer on 9 April 2017. If all conditions are met, ING will pay each user €10 by the end of May 2017.

What other conditions apply?

For the full terms and conditions applicable to this offer, please read the regulations.

How do I download ING Smart Banking?

You can find download links for our app via our website. Once you've downloaded the app on your device, open it and follow the instructions on screen. Or watch our demo video on how to get started.

How do I create a mobile banking profile?

Once you've installed the app on your device, you will need to create your profile using your ING Card Reader, your bank card and your Home'Bank password. Follow the instructions on screen or watch our demo video on how to create your profile and choose your 6-digit profile code. You will then be ready to log in to the app and enjoy all the benefits of mobile banking!

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