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ING Lion Account, the free account you cannot do without

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Free mobile apps

Check your account balance, make payments, recharge your credit card, take out travel insurance… discover the many features of our free apps for smartphone and tablet.

Free bank card

Get 1 free bank card with Maestro/Bancontact per account holder.

Free withdrawals

Withdraw cash from any ATM in the euro zone, free of charge.

Personalised advice

Our employees are at your disposal at any of our branches or by phone, even on Saturdays.

How to open your free current account?

Submit your application

Fill in the online form.

Confirm your identity

Either online, via e-mail, by post or at an ING branch.

Receive your bank card and card reader

We will send them to your postal address.

ING Smart Banking

the free banking app without borders

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What is an ING Lion Account, in a nutshell?

ING Lion Account is the 100% free, 100% connected current account. You can open it online, either via your computer or your smartphone. And manage it via our free e-banking services or our apps for smartphone and tablet. Also free of charge, by the way.

And for making payments, you can have up to 2 free bank cards (1 per account holder).

Who can open an ING Lion Account?

The ING Lion Account is a current account in euros exclusively for competent private individuals of legal age and who have a valid e-mail address. Online applications to open an account via www.ing.be are reserved solely for private individuals residing in Belgium at the time of application. One person cannot hold more than 2 ING Lion Accounts at any one time.

The ING Lion Account is the ideal solution for your essential banking needs, including the option of having up to 2 account holders. More complex features such as account mandates or foreign currency balances are covered by our complete current account, the ING Green Account.

In the event of several account holders, ING will always consider joint holders as indivisible. In the case of unincorporated associations (i.e. without legal personality), ING offers other types of accounts at its branches.

Once I've opened my account online, how do you check my identity?

For your security and for legal reasons, we are obliged to verify your identity before you can receive your account number. There are several secure ways to complete this verification step. Online applications to open an account are reserved solely for private individuals residing in Belgium at the time of application.

What documents do I need in order to open an account?

  • You can have your account opened instantly by using your electronic identity card (e-ID), PIN and ID card reader. If you are also a resident of any other country besides Belgium for tax purposes, you will also need your Tax Identification Number (TIN).
  • If you do not have an eID card reader or do not know the PIN of your identity card, you can send us a copy of your identity card by e-mail or post or by visiting an ING branch.

How do I transfer my salary and direct debits transferred to my new account?

  • To transfer your existing standing orders and direct debits to your new ING Lion Account, all you have to do is fill in the form at the end of your online application. We will then take care of all the administration.
    If you prefer, you can also download the form yourself and send it to bankmobility@ing.be.
  • To have your salary paid into your new account, simply fill in this form and send it to your employer.

Does ING also have an online savings account?

Yes we do. If you wish, you can open an ING Lion Deposit, our regulated online savings account, at the same time as your online currently account. Simply tick the box in the form when applying for your current account online. You can then open both accounts via a single application.

How will I receive my account statements?

You can view, save or print your account statements from home via your computer.

Is there a difference between an account for private use and one for business use?

Do I still have access to ING branches, even though this is an online account?

Of course! Our staff are available for personalised assistsance and advice at any of our branches. Only regular transactions which you can carry out via Home'Bank or ING Smart Banking are not permitted at the counter.

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