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Investment plan calculator

Do you often have money left over at the end of the month? Looking for a way to generate better returns? Discover the benefits of an investment plan!

Calculate your potential advantage with an investment plan

How much of the money you put aside each month do you want to invest?

If this amount varies from month to month, enter the average amount you manage to put aside each month.

What is your stance towards the potential risks of investing?

1 picture is worth more than 1,000 words!

The graph below shoes the potential results of your calculation when you deposit euros per month for a period of years in an investment plan with a risk profile.

If you had invested euros per month  years ago in an investment plan with the above characteristics, you would have built up euros in capital today.

That would be a mere euros if you had simply set that money aside for years.

After years, the difference between these 2 results would be euros.

  • Important information

This calculator allows you to view the potential difference between investing a certain sum of money ('result of an investment plan alone') and merely setting it aside ('result without investment plan') over a chosen period.

The results of this 'Result of an investment plan alone' simulation is based on the periodic contribution of the amount you are willing to invest over the chosen period, taking into account the 20-year historical return (01/04/1997- 01/04/2017) of the reference Morningstar EAA Fund EUR Allocation Global Wealth. The calculations take account of all known fees (custody fees, entry fees, administration fees, situation on 01/09/2017) charged for ING products with a similar asset allocation. Please note, however, that any taxes have not been taken into account.

The result of the 'Result without investment plan' simulation is based on the cumulative periodic contribution of the chosen amount over the chosen period without taking into account any return.

Please remember that the value obtained is not a guarantee for the future and that it may be misleading. Moreover, it must be noted that investing involves certain risks. The value of financial instruments can increase as well as decrease and it is possible that customers may not recover their initial investment.

This is a promotional document, edited and published by ING Belgium. It does not contain any investment advice or recommendation to subscribe to a particular product, nor does it advise you to perform any particular transaction and cannot be considered as such.

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