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We guide you beyond bank lending!

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Available funding models in a nutshell

Business bank loan

A business loan is a traditional short or long-term loan for funding purchases or investments for your business.
Discover our bank loans


With crowdfunding, a form of alternative finance, a large number of investors invest a relatively small sum in a company or project.
Discover the characteristics of Crowdfunding

Commercial finance

ING Commercial finance provides operating capital financing to companies in exchange for the purchase of their trade receivables.
Discover the characteristics of Commercial Finance


Via equity, investors acquire a share in the equity of unlisted companies.
Discover the characteristics of equity financing

Government funding

The various tiers of government in Belgium offer several sources of funding and subsidies aimed at stimulating business growth.
Discover the public aids


With leasing, the bank acquires ownership of certain goods and leases them to a company over a set period.
Discover our leasing solutions


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