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Talk to Marie, our digital assistant!

Meet Marie, our digital assistant*. You can ask her questions about ING bank cards 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in English. And she will also meet your requests! Have you lost your card and want to order a new one? Or would you like to activate your card to use abroad? Marie will look after this for you, also during the trial phase!

Ready to test the trial version of Marie?

Ask your question to Marie

When you click, you will leave the ING environment.

During this trial phase, we need your help to improve Marie! Would you like to help us? Take part in the test and, thanks to you, we will be able to train Marie's digital memory. She will also be able to better respond to your requests about bank cards. Your questions can only be about ING bank cards and can only be asked in English. We are actively working on a version in Dutch and in French.

To participate in the test, you need to:

  • have a profile on Facebook Messenger;
  • use your real name (given name + surname) in your profile;
  • be the happy owner of an ING bank card;
  • provide your GSM number to ING**.

Marie is a digital assistant, remember to be direct and only ask each question once. Is your question too complicated? Our experts from the Webcare team will take over the conversation!

Also bear in mind the following rules:

  • Marie will never contact you proactively via Facebook Messenger.
  • Marie will never ask you your secret code, your Home'Bank password or your account number.

If any of these examples occurs, do not answer and send an email with a screenshot to phishing@ing.be.

PS: Would you like to know how we use social networks at ING? Read more here.

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