Having a credit card is just awesome! I can make purchases in shops and online very easily. I never leave without it, even abroad.
With ING Visa Classic, payments have never been easier!
In short
In detail
Accepted worldwide
You pay safely and securely in shops and online, both in Belgium and abroad.
Free insurance
Your ING Visa Classic purchases are insured against theft, damage and delivery problems. Moreover, it includes travel accident insurance.
Automatic repayment
Your total expenditure is automatically debited from your ING current account each month.
Small fee
For only 18 euros a year, you enjoy payment convenience worldwide thanks to a monthly credit limit of 2,000 euros.
Why choose an ING Visa Classic credit card?

You need not concern yourself with repayments of the balance of your expenditure statement. The amount due is automatically debited from your account once a month.
Your card is accepted all over the world in retailers and at ATMs displaying the Visa logo.
Your purchases are secure both in shops and online.

  • Verified by Visa allows you to make online purchases in completesecurity.
  • Safe on Line covers you - when you pay for online productpurchases with the card - against non-delivery or faulty delivery.
  • PurchaseProtection covers the purchases youmake with your card against theft or damage.