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The credit card for easy payments, anywhere

ING Visa Classic

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I want this credit cardSave even more time and apply via Home'Bank.

You need an ING current account before applying for an ING Visa Classic

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What our customers say

I love my credit card! It's so easy to pay in shops or online. I've always got mine with me, even when I travel.

With ING Visa Classic, paying has never been so easy, both in Belgium and abroad!

For all your payments, worldwide and online!

Make secure payments in shops, restaurants or online, both in Belgium and abroad.
Benefit from free travel insurance and insurance against theft, damage or delivery problems.
Pay for your purchases via a single, automatic payment from your current account once per month.
Enjoy the convenience of a 2,000 euro per month spending limit for just 18 euros per year.

Your ING Card in 3 steps

Pass by your branch
Wait for your confirmation e-mail and then pass by your ING branch to sign the documents.
The card is yours!
You will receive your card by post and your PIN by text message.

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The ING Visa Classic card costs 18 euros per year.

Transaction charges

All your payments (hotels, restaurants, shops, supermarkets, etc.) are free within the euro zone. Outside this zone, an additional 1.4% in foreign exchange charges is payable on your payments.
A fee of 4.96 euros is payable on all cash withdrawals from ATMs + 1% of the amount withdrawn. For withdrawals from bank branches, you pay a fee of 6.96 euros + 1% of the amount withdrawn. Outside the euro zone, you pay foreign exchange charges of 1.4% of the amount withdrawn.

You can check all your transactions for the current and previous month via Home'Bank or our smartphone and tablet apps. You therefore always have a detailed overview of your expenses and your available balance.

Call Card Stop on 070 344 344 (+ 32 70 344 344 from outside Belgium) as soon as possible, at any time, day or night. They will immediately block your card for security purposes.

Of course. The number of online retailers that use Visa® SecureCode™ is increasing daily.

When you pay online you have to enter your credit card number first. The online retailer uses this number to check with Visa and ING how your card is secured. By entering the right CHALLENGE code, you enable ING to approve the online retailer's transaction and your payment is then made. This process is fully secure and the online retailer cannot access your credit card details.

As the holder of an ING Visa Classic, you have three types of free insurance.

- Purchase guarantee: purchases made with your ING Card are covered against theft and accidental damage (for 200 days, up to a maximum of 3,000 euros per year).

- Internet purchase insurance: this insurance protects the purchases you have made online with your ING Visa Classic. This insurance applies if your order is not delivered, or if the item or service ordered does not correspond to the offer described on the seller's website.

- Travel accident insurance: this covers trips that you make using passenger transport (by air, train, car, etc.) or a rental car paid for in full using your ING Visa Classic. This insurance only covers foreign travel for a maximum of 60 days and single claims up to a maximum of 130,000 euros.

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